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I started collecting stubbie holders when I was on my honeymoon, we were travelling in the
South West and bought a stubbie holder from each town we visited.

My father-in-law collected whisky/scotch miniatures and when we moved houses in 1988, our
new house had a games room with built in bar, so I decided to collect alcohol miniatures. When I
first started out I got talking to a sales assistant in a local liquor store about my collection.  He
asked how many miniatures I had, which at the time was 100, he told me in Scotch miniatures
alone there were about 5000.

In the first few years of collecting miniatures my wife bought me a Wild Turkey miniature as
part of a Christmas present.  The miniature was a porcelain flying wild turkey, which is filled
with Wild Turkey.  On the base had " Limited Edition porcelain flying wild turkey No 1 1983.  
At this stage we thought it was just another miniature, but on our travels around liquor stores
we found a second Wild Turkey with No 4 on the base.  At this stage we realised there must be
a set and had to be a least four in the set.  So on our travels we started talking to sales assistants
about my miniature collection and some people recalled these porcelain Wild Turkeys.  On one
visit we were in a store and the owner asked us to wait for a while, he then got a ladder out and
started climbing to the top of his shelves and buried at the back he found a stash of Wild
Turkeys, I think we managed to pick up another three miniatures from this store.  This was
when we found out that there were actually twelve miniatures in the set and the stores were
given the miniatures as a promotion. For every case of Wild Turkey they bought they got a free
miniature.  These miniatures were last made in 1988, so it was very hard to try and get the rest
of the set, I travelled all over our metro area and even managed to get one in Bunbury, but still
only had ten of the twelve miniatures.  One of the stores we went to managed to get us black
and white photos of the twelve miniatures in the set.  My brother-in-law was travelling to
America and told us he would look for the two missing miniatures while there, he managed to
get us the eleventh miniature for our set.  It wasn't until years later and ebay came on the scene
that I finally got hold of the final miniature in the set.
It is getting extremely hard these days to find different miniatures as most stores stock very few
miniatures. So the collection is increasing very slowly these days.

When Western Australia had their first
Canathon, my brother-in-law, who had been collecting
beer cans for a while, invited me to attend the
Canathon on the Sunday to have a look at the
different things people collected.  After the
Canathon I attended my first meeting with Luc and
joined after that and have been an
ABBCA member ever since.

The following year I attended the South Australian
Canathon and it was around this time I
started collecting other breweriana items.

I decided to start collecting Wild Turkey items, partly because of my Wild Turkey miniatures
and partly because Jack Daniels, Jim Beam and Bundaberg Rum collectible items were so easy
to get and a lot of people collected them.  I thought Wild Turkey items were a less common item
to collect.  Since I started collected Wild Turkey items I have now got quite a collection, some of
them are: Poker sets, poker chips, keyrings, hats, boxer shorts, G-strings, stubbie holders,
glasses, cooler bags, videos, cd's, a marble, BBQ sauce, coasters, watch, thongs, cd cases &
mirrors.  I am always on the look out for more.

The other main item I collect is hats, any type of hat whether it is breweriana related or has
company logos.
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